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Brief Introduction
Established on February 8, 2006. Osprey International Inc is subsidiary company of Beijing
Zhongwang Group Co.,LTD.    We are dealing with wide ranged products in import & export
from USA.
Our core business is import of instant noodle manufactured by Zhongwang Group to USA,
and export all kinds of high-end foodstuff to China with nation-wide distributing network at both ends.

Our mission is to provide quality goods with reasonable price in reliable & efficient way with individual
service packages for our customers.
We hope that we can put our wealth of experience and dense of reliable network to work for you.
Longyao Production Base
Safety & Quality is
our commitment!!

ISO 9001 certified
HACCP certified
GMP certified
Liulihe Production Base
Osprey Headquarters in Beijing
Noodle Culture
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Originating from the East Han Dynasty in China, the noodle enjoys a history of over two
thousand years. From the Tang Dynasty on, the noodle-producing skill was introduced into Japan
by the “Kantouxi” – envoys sent from the kingdom of Tang to Japan, and in the Yuan Dynasty,
Marco Polo, the Venice merchant, introduced the noodle-producing skill into Italy and other
European countries. The noodle, just like tea, tofu and appetizing wine invented by our ancestors,
has made tremendous contribution to the development of worldwide catering service.

Noodle culture is a pearl in the Chinese food and beverage
culture, constituting a significant part in traditional Chinese
culture. In north China and especially the Yellow River reaches,
production of noodle is both a technique and an art.
Over the generations, any number of celebrities, high brow
intellectuals, and prominent figures have written articles, songs
and poems in praise of noodle, depicting a whole Chinese history,
part of dietary and noodle culture history.

World Records of Chinese Noodle  

China is the first country to produce noodles in the world.
Noodles have been made in
China’s Han Dynasty about 2,000 years ago.

China has the largest varieties of noodles in the world. By 2003,
there are more than 1,200 different traditional flavors, more than
400 categories of instant noodles, and more than 150 categories
of fine dried noodles.

China holds the record of producing the longest noodle in the
world.  A piece of noodle of 508,559 meters long was made from
a one-kilo dough, which broke the Guiness World Record.

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